Men to be forced to declare all their children before death

A bill seeking to compel men to declare their children before death is being prepared by Mbita Mp Millie Odhiambo.

The female legislator expressed his intention to draft the ammendment after drama ensured during a mass in honor of the late Kibra Mp Ken Okoth. This was after Nairobi governor exposed that the late had an affair with a nominated MCA and had a son with her.

Sonko claimed that Ken had intimated to him that he had fallen in love with the MCA and they had a kid together. Sonko further claimed that Ken was unhappy at his death rest since his son was suffering even before he was buried.

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko addressing mourners at Moi Girls- Photo courtesy

The nominated MCA, Hon Ann Muthoni Thumbi, was a former nurse at the Sonko rescue team. According to sources who talked to Mkenya News, Ken had travelled to Kiriti, Tetu in Nyeri county to meet the parents of Ann. The purpose of the visit was to formalize and notify the family of their affair.

Together with them was Baraka Okoth, their son.

Ken Okoth in Nyeri with Baraka Okoth- Photo courtesy

This brings a twist to the wrangles surrounding the burial of the late Mp.

Ann on Thursday afternoon secured a court order barring the burial or cremation of Ken Okoth until a case she has filed is heard and determined.

A court order barring the cremation of Ken Okoth- Photo Courtesy

Millie Odhiambo noted that such drama and shocks during funerals were dangerous. She therefore proposes that a law be put in place to compel men to declare all their children, both in or outside marriage.

According to Millie Mabona, if the men will not declare, the ladies they sire children with will be compelled to declare before the man dies.

It will be interesting to see how the Parliament will treat the amendments if they finally get tabled for discussion.

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