“Men without beards will not be allowed to speak during the Men’s Conference 2020”- Mzee Kibor

Mzee Kibor who is the convener and the National Patron of the Annual Men’s conference in Kenya has given the way forward on requirements for all the speakers during the 14th February event.

Speaking at his home in Eldoret, Mzee Kibor told the media that the venue of the event is still a guarded secret.

The speakers during the event, according to the able chairman, must at least have had experience in handling a polygamous marriage.

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“We are not going to allow newly wedded couples to address us. Men want to hear what marriage is all about and how to handle women. How then can someone with only one wife give advice on handling all women?” Said Mzee Kibor

He further emphasized the need for the event to have a men outlook. He therefore proposed that no male without beards will be given a platform to speak.

“We shall not allow people with Sopranos and no beards to speak. That one might be cnfused to be a female. It is purely a men’s affair.” Kibor told the media as he burst into laughter.

Kibor however said that the doors will be open to all men, whether Single or Married.

As long as any man is willing to quench his thirst from Mzee Kibor’s undiluted wisdom, they are welcome.

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