Miguna Miguna and The Grand Mullah tear into each other in a messy online spat

Flamboyant city lawyer, Alhmednassir Abdulahi alias ‘The grand mullah’ on Saturday evening was engaged in an online spat with self-declared NRM General, Miguna Miguna over a range of issues including the death of a businessman, Jacob Juma. Juma who was gunned down by unknown gunmen on his way home from his Westlands office was a personal friend to the senior counsel, grand Mullah.

The two, Miguna Miguna and Grand Mullah, had earlier on during the day engaged each other over the conduct of Miguna Miguna on social media. The grand Mullah had accused the Toronto based barista of being an online bully who doesn’t hesitate to insult anyone he deems needs his dosage.

The Grand Mullah, called Miguna out over what he called an obsession with insulting the president, Raila Odinga and any other person he feels needs to taste his insults.

Kenyans on Twitter, who are known for their appetite for drama did not fail to put some input as the cheering squad of the duo. whereas the majority of them found Miguna Miguna at fault, there were those who were in support of the NRM self-declared General.

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