“Mum”, Cathy Kiuna gifted a brand new V8 for birthday

JCC church is yet again subject of troll by Kenyans after they gifted Rev Cathy Kiuna a brand new V8 for her birthday.

Cathy Kiuna being surprised with a V8| Photo courtesy

On Sunday morning faithfuls with placards in praise of the Rev surprised her with the road machine.

The Kiuna’s are not new to controversies. They have been subject of debate on the lavish lives of spiritual leaders at the expense of their followers.

Earlier this year, Rev Cathy had rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after she tweeted promising vehicles to her followers. Kenyans were fast to ask for the vehicles from her when the prophesy didn’t eventually come to pass.

Rev Cathy Kiuna receiving the Vehicle|Photo courtesy

The husband, Bishop Allan Kiuna hasn’t been spared by the netizens in the past. He was topic for some time when photos emerged of him playing golf and doing motor racing in South Africa. A proposal by the church to gift him with a private jet during his birthday also saw the church bashed for outright brainwashing by the extravagant Kiuna’s family.

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The Kiuna’s don’t shy away from showing extravagance any time they have an opportunity to.

Here is a photo gallery of Rev Cathy’s birthday on 28th July 2019.

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