Musician Paul Waiganjo finally dicharged from hospital after two surgeries

Powerful worshipper and Businessman, Paul Waiganjo has finally been discharged from hospital after undergoing two successful surgeries.

Waiganjo, who is famous from his song “Ngai Mahinda mothe” had been admitted in hospital for several days following a stomach complication. The doctors, according to Waiganjo, advised that he undergoes two surgeries.

Mkenya News has since learned that Waiganjo has been treated and discharged from the hospital after successfully undergoing two complex stomach surgeries.

The first surgery was conducted on Wednesday and the second one on Thursday.

Musician Paul Waiganjo

The Musician has now taken to his Facebook page to announce the good news of his discharge from the hospital. To the joy of his fans, Waiganjo announced that he had undergone the surgery successfully and has been discharged to go and recover fully at home.

“God has answered our prayers.Everything went on well and am discharged to recover from home.May the name of the Lord Be Glorified.Thanx for your prayers and let’s keep the fire burning.Blessings Blessings Blessings”, wrote Waiganjo

The sensational worshipper who doubles up as a businessman in the real estate industry, had requested his fans to pray for him on Wednesday as he prepared to undergo a surgery on Thursday.

Musician Paul Waiganjo |Photo COURTESY

His fans could not hide their joy after he broke the news to then. The overjoyed fans sent messages of encouragement and good will as he embarked on a healing journey at home.

“We bless the Name of the LORD,it is a Strong Tower,,the righteous run into it and they are saved.We thank the LORD for His healing power over your life,may He restore you fully servant of God”, one of his fans posted.

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