My ex-husband forced me to lie that we had a wedding- Betty Bayo tears on ex-husband Dr Kanyari

As if making true has promise to tell her side of of the story, Betty Bayo, has embarked on writing a series of articles on herself in what she has called self-blogging.

On Saturday morning, in an article marred with grammatical errors, Betty tore on her exhuband on what she called “more than 1000 mostakes. She opined that she settled with him only three weeks after they met. Without a wedding or any formal ceremony.

“In my past relatioship i made mistake from day 1, followed by more than 1000 more mistakes Though I was still a Christian and still saved I moved in with a man 3 weeks after we met with no wedding or anything legal ata affidavit hakuna ,unlike the expectation of many ,nilienda come we stay sorry i mean come we fight 🤣🤣”, posted Betty.

Betty Bayo

As if shifting the blame on herself, Betty admitted that she married a man she didn’t know enough. Just before she could realise, she was heavily pregnant.

“I moved in with a man who I barely new he full mpesa names .everyday things were unfolding i dint keep the social distance I got pregnant kidogo kidogo .pregnant aaagain🤣🤣 . the rest is history i was forced to say i did a wedding then was naive .. nani hapa alikula mchele ya harusi yangu,??? Did I do my wedding in Jupiter ?”, wrote Bayo.

Betty, however, confirmed that all the challenges she had been through only strengthened her. She further downplayed the accusations that she was in selfdenial and was in love with her exhusband.

Betty Bayo

She claimed the only love she has now is for her future. Her past has already been forgotten. She owns up to her mistakes and admits she ought to be in a “Christian jail”.

“One day I will give my story. Maybe it will help or entertain someone somewhere.For those saying I am still in love, yes it’s true but am in love with my future not my past. If God was not a forgiving God I deserved to be in a Christian Jail”, said Betty.

“If I dnt die of depression, high blood pressure then, I assure you am living up to 100 and something years. I am vaccinated for depression”, added Betty.

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