My fiancee left me two weeks to our wedding, I used the wedding contributions to produce my first album-Caroline Wanjiru

Caroline Wanjiru alias “Munduiriri” was born in Kangemi area in Nairobi Westlands constituency. Her parents later moved to Uthiru. They grew up there with her other 4 siblings. The parents later separated when she was in primary school at Kabete Vetlab primary school.

Her mother took up the role of taking care of them eking a life by hawking second hand clothes from home to home. She later secured a job as a house girl at a mzungus house, a job she did until Carol was done with primary school.

After finishing her O levels at Naivasha Girls high school, Carol got a job as a shopkeeper at their neighbourhood. While still at the shop, a teaching job arose at Cedar groove Nursery school where she taught for two weeks.

She immediately got another job as a boutique attendant with a salary of 500 per month, which was way better than her previous job which she used to take home 350 shillings per month.

From her little savings, she started a grocery at Kangemi market, a venture she says gave her some little amount to enrol for a secretarial course. She would later go back to Kangemi market as a Githeri and Uji hawker.

Gospel Musician Caroline Wanjiru (Munduiriri) |PHOTO COURTESY

It is then that a talent of singing, noticeable from as early as Std 5 started giving her tidings. After a series of back ups for other musicians, she recorded her first song “Nimeangaziwa” and other hymns that are widely attributed to a famous duo, the kasangas.

When she did her second song “Matihotekaga”-they are undefeated, she got enough money to finish her secretarial course. While in Uthiru PCEA Church where she was the praise and worship team leader, she met a guy who was working in Dubai. They fell for each, got engaged and planned a wedding.

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Unfortunately, two weeks to the highly anticipated wedding, the guy informed her that he was not ready to marry and went back to Dubai. A thing that affected both her emotions and body. She was left behind to take all the humiliation and shame of rejection. She was forced to return all the donations sent to her for the wedding.

Gospel Musician Caroline Wanjiru (Munduiriri) |PHOTO COURTESY

A few people refused to take back the donations amounting to 32K. With that amount, she recorded “Munduiriri” song to outpour her pain and thank God for standing by her. When all odds were against her, when she had been slapped on the face with shame.

It is that song that would give her both national and international fame. A song that both the President and Deputy president know word for word. A song that the late Governor Gachagua requested, at his deathbed, to be performed during his burial. A song that even wazungus and Nigerians don’t struggle to sing. It was indeed a hit song.

As she is working on a new album, Carol holds her head high as having successfully consoled, encouraged, blessed, entertained and above all brought honour to God through her music. She is currently married to Moses Muranga and are blessed with two children.

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