My husband didn’t die of HIV, late George wa Njaro’s wife details her tribulations after husband’s death

The late George Wa Njaro’s wife, Maureen Atieno, has spoken for the first time about her relationship with the in-laws after the death of her husband. The late George Wa Njaro died on 7th February, 2007 after complaining a severe headache for a week.

The two first met in 2001 when George was posted as a teacher in Kandika Secondary in South Nyanza. By then, Maureen was in Form One and the acting class prefect. As fate would have it, George was assigned the role of class teacher to Maureen class which allowed them to interact at a personal level.

An illicit love affair would be birthed between the two leading to Maureen pregnancy while in Form One.

Maureen back in high school |Photo COURTESY

“I fell pregnant with his child in form one and he took full responsibility for it, even went ahead to marry me. He also took me to a beauty college where I was equipped with hairdressing skills,” said Maureen in a previous interview.

George took in Maureen as his wife and took him to Murang’a in 2005 when he was transferred to Gaichanjiru Secondary as a Mathematics teacher. Maureen described their love as happy and beautiful until the February 2007 when the renown musician passed on.

“When George first fell sick, I took him to Gaichanjiru Health Centre where he was given some medication. We went back home but the headache persisted. He was then admitted at Bishop Okoye Hospital in Thika for four days after which he was discharged. But it seems he hadn’t fully recovered and when he became worse, we sought treatment at Murang’a District Hospital where he died while receiving treatment,” says Maureen.

The late George wa Njaro|Photo COURTESY

It is the fact that the two were not legally married that would cause her misery. She was even denied a chance to attend her husband’s burial in Kenol Murang’a. She sensed trouble when the family alienated her from burial arrangements. The in-laws ensured she didn’t even see his body at the morgue. They also omitted her name in his Eulogy.

“It took George’s friend intervention for me to be allowed to attend my husband’s burial ceremony. After burial, they took everything my husband and I owned including a beauty shop in Kenol Murang’a County, which was my livelihood, claiming it belonged to George. I was left desolate with my son and stepson who George had sired before we got married,” says Maureen.

During the burial, a lady who George had sired a child with emerged, the family recognized her as George’s legitimate wife. George’s family notified the Treasury and all his pensions and benefits were channeled to the new lady’s bank account.

Maureen wa Njaro|Facebook Photo

The in-laws further took all the burial contributions, sold his land and bus leaving Maureen to suffer. She took issues to the courts which she won. However, by the tame the case was ending, all the musician’s resources had been used up by the family.

Maureen also accused an unnamed music producer of using the late Wa Njaro’s songs without her consent. She further cleared the rumor that the late George Wa Njaro died of HIV by taking a test on camera.

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