My husband left me for a white woman, I almost committed suicide-Loise Kim

Loise Kim whose full name is Loise Njeri Githuku is an award winning artist and was the winner of Groove Awards- Female Artiste of the year, Female artist of the year (mwafaka awards)-2011 and Ring back tone of the year (groove awards )-2014. Loise was born and raised in Mwimuto in Kiambu County.

In her latest song, Kaba Ngai Ungirathima, Loise portrays her family as not well up and having life struggles just like any family.

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Though not much is known about her young life, Loise is the first born in a family of eight. Her parents are David Githuku and Pastor Felistus Njambi.

She studied at Lower Kabete Primary School then went to Muslim Girls and finally went to Temple College.

In what was a moment of shame for her and her parents. she got pregnant at only 19 after high school. She has two grown up children, Maryanne Magiri who sings and David Githuku.


Loise met the love of her life at the age of 22 years. Her marriage however didn’t work so well as they sepaerated after a few years into the marriage. Loise Kim, admits that the husband left her during his short stay in the USA. At one point Loise attempted to deny the separation of the two on live radio show when she had appeared in company of her husband to clear the air.

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After receiving a mammoth of comments to stop living in denial, she has now admitted to now living as happy single mother concentrating on her career.

Rumours have it that after the divorce, she even contemplated committing suicide. She has never disputed these claims.

She has in the past received a lot of negative comments. Some people went to the extent of saying she had taken drugs to kill herself because her husband left her for a white woman.

Before she ventured into music, she had a business at Gikomba Market in Nairobi. she also had a matatu which she had bought on loan, but the business was hard because the crew was not honest. She didn’t have any career in particular, but her mother wanted her to be a teacher, which she didn’t have passion for. She had passion for music. It was in her, but she had not realized it.

She started singing in the Christian Union in high school where she was the chairperson for three years and used to lead the praise and worship team.


She is grateful to her uncle who knew her passion and took her to a studio. Her first recorded song was ”Ndi Ihinyiani” (I am in the race) which she did in 2006. Loise made a killing from the song earning more than 80,000 weekly from shows and events.

Her best song is Ndiguikara Hemaini Cia Kunyarario, which means I will not focus on what people think about me. She has done eight albums and currently working on another one.

She also runs Loise Kim Foundation. The idea came after she visited two children homes in 2008. The children were starving and she decided to do something. That is how she started mobilizing friends and fans to send food and other contributions to the homes.


Now, she offers that help through her foundation that also mobilizes support for people with disability and widows. The foundation is run by five directors, who coordinate fundraising.

She is in her thirties. Loise expressed interest in politics in 2017 in Kiambu County.


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