My husband left me for another lady, I became lesbian and his wife is cheating on him with me- Thika Lady

The immediate reaction to a divorce or rejection is bitterness and desire for revenge. This is especially if one feels they had given the relationship everything but were still left.

Such was the case for Ruth Wachuka from Makongeni in Thika. Ruth is a bitter lady after her 4 years old marriage died when she was replaced with another lady.

According to her, she had given the relationship everything since her husband was her first love.

“I started dating Mark back in 2012 while we were in campus. After campus we only stayed for one year and then married.” Said Ruth.

She admits she made some mistakes that could have contributed to their breakup. She however holds that they ought to have solved the problems but not separating.

“I was still young and naive. I would sometimes come home a bit late and my husband didn’t like the idea. I also had some male friends who my husband didn’t like me talking to them on phone especially at night.” Explained Ruth.

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Their marriage that bore them one child only lasted 4 years. Ruth says she ones came home late and the husband refused to open the door for her. The next day when she came to freshen up for work, the housegirl notified her that Mark said she pick her belongings and leave before he is back.

Ruth has been living in a rented apartment in Makongeni. She says that being single gave him time to make business connections and she is now a prominent businesslady.

“I have the money now. I looked for a way I can revenge on Mark and a friend gave me an idea. I seduced his new wife on facebook and spoiled her with sweet words and gifts. She eventually gave in in January this year.” said Ruth with a broad smile.

Ruth says that she regularly meets his ex-husband’s wife and even spends nights with her at her apartment. She further claims she has introduced her ex-husband’s wife to other good and well build men.

“She comes at my place and sometimes wife invite men so that we can have a good time. She doesn’t know I am her husband’s ex-wife”

Asked whether she has any regrets, Ruth told our correspondent that she is living a good life now. She has no regrets of what she has become.

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