My life is a testimony that God lives, Musician Sammy Irungu.

Samuel Irungu Mundia alias Sammy Irungu is not only a praise and worshiper, he is also a preacher and a musician who has gained national and international recognition.One would easily think that he was born in the high suburbs of Nairobi. On the contrary, Sammy Irungu was born in Olenguruone, a very remote village in Molo where he schooled until 1992. The ethnic crashes of 1992 forced his family to migrate to Kayole. He therefore finished his primary education at Thawabu Primary in Kayole area 4. To take care of his six children, Mr Mundia, his father started a cobra job where Sammy would offer a helping hand when he was overwhelmed by the number of shoes to be repaired.

In an exclusive interview with the Kikuyu Diaspora TV, an very famous online TV known for its promotion of Local musicians and linking them with the diaspora, Sammy lay his life bare.

After 1998, unable to proceed to high-school, he got a job as a hotelier in Nakuru. He was in charge of cooking maandazi and chapatis. While in Nakuru, he joined a church as a praise and worship member. The church was owned by the now turned comedian Benson Gathungu Kamau alias Muthee Kiengei guka wa Nairobi. He was the preacher then and Sammy led the praise and worship. During that period he met an Akurinu all star member, Allan Aaron who together they sharpened their vocals. It wouldn’t escape a closer follower of the clique that all the three men are calling shots in the Gospel music industry.

He later was employed in Mang’u at a small joint where he sold soup and Mutura in the evening. The take home amount was around 700. When the joint closed down, he moved to Nairobi Dandora Maili saba where he rented a 200 per month mabati house. That was around 2005-2006. He would move to Donholm every morning to work as a “kijana ya mikono” at mjengo sites. Some of the works he did then include the construction of the Harambee houses in Donholm and Manyaja area.

His life would make a blossoming shift One day while leading praises at a Kesha in a Dandora church. A guy he has never met ever since asked for his number. After a few days, he received a call with the caller asking him how many hours he would sing without a break. He said even 10 hrs. That way, he got a job to sing at Inooro FM from 10. 00Am-12.00noon on Sunday. A work he has done from 2010 to date. For only singing 8hrs per months he was paid 30K as a starting salary. And that was turning point of his life.

After singing for about two years at the Royal media broadcasting stations, the then head of management Mr Zulu Thiong’o asked him if he had thought of ever recording songs. That’s when he gave recording music a serious thought. From his first song, he has always made hit songs. They include Maithori, Kirathimo, Ngukuhe Ngoro,Ngoro yakwa, Njira Ciaku, Guitar ya Daudi, Menyerera Gucenjanirio irathimo among others. Some of which hold record ad the most viewed Kikuyu songs on YouTube. Sammy irungu is among the highly sort artist for collabos and backups. A recent collabo with the songbird Phylis Mbuthia, Muheani, has become a benchmark for local collabos with a record over 5.6M views on YouTube.

Other than singing, he works as a Music producer with his own studio. That way has been able to take care of his wife and their two kids. And by the way, he drives a very big machine and wears some expensive designer suits.

With such a life hustle, Sammy attributes his success to prayers and dedication to Gods work. He has since traveled to many countries courtesy of his unmatched vocals.

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