Nakuru prophet gives a shocking message given to her about Pastor James Ng’ang’a

A Naivasha based prophetess has given a shocking message given to her by God about Pastor James Ng’ang’a and the entire country.

The lady, identified as Wairimu, and who claims to have been spoken to by God in more than seven instances, gave the shocking message in an interview with a Local Fm station Journalist, BaruthI wa Thayu.

Wairimu said that in the wake of covid-19, God appeared to her in a dream and spoke to her in pure Swahili language on the issues that had angered Him.

One of the issues, according to the prophet, is the way of worship in churches today. The Prophet singled out one of the controversial preachers in Kenya, Pastor James Nganga.

Pastor Nganga hit headlines sometime in 2019 when he called out Bishops and Pastors in his church for disrespecting him, his wife, and God. He threatened to shut their ‘kiosks’. Nganga further accused them of coming to his church when they had nothing but he had groomed them to respectable men and women of God.

Pastor Maina Nganga and his wife during their wedding (File Photo)

“The Lord told me that He had spoken through him (Nganga) when he said he is going to close all the kiosks. Many people laughed and thought it was a joke but he was speaking the voice of God”, said the prophetess.

Wairimu said that God had decided to give the worldly leaders powers to shut down all churches under the guise of fighting COVID-19. God, according to her, was angry with the kind of worship taking place in churches and was calling the church leaders to go back to true worship.

The former catholic follower says she was called by God while she was in the middle of committing sexual immorality with a priest. She was given strict instructions to make sure the message gets to the whole world.

“After spending the night with a priest, the Lord spoke to me and told me ‘Wairimu, I the Lord has commanded you to stop committing adultery. This is a direct command to you”. said the lady.

The lady, who has a list of more than fourteen messages given to her by God says she submitted a letter with the raw details of God’s message to her to the area MCA who in turn gave it Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui. Lee Kinyajui is set to hand the document to President Kenyatta who will read it aloud to all Kenyans to Hear WHAT the lord has to say.

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