“Name calling is for charlatans and prostitutes”,Donald Kipkorir responds to David Ndii

Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has hit back on economist and former NASA political alliance strategist David Ndii. This follows an early morning response by the economist to his invitation to an money minting and printing debate.

David Ndii who is a respected and widely sought economist, having taught the same upto PhD level layed down a well explained counter to the dons proposation that the the government should print money to cushion Kenyans from the hard times caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

The gist of David Ndii’s explainer was that such a move would cause an automatic inflation due to increased money in circulation. A thing he said isn’t is alien to the respected lawyer.

In his explainer, Ndii used an analogy of two villages with the lawyer being an aspirant for a presidential post. He likened the lawyers proposal to a campaign pledge which would be actualized if the lawyer got the seat.

It could, however, be the use of the name “President Sonko Malong, young billionaire (YB) wash wash” to refer to the lawyer that could have caused anger to Donald Kipkorir.

The lawyer who never shy away from showing off his riches, accused the economist of engaging in name calling instead of remaining objective to discussion. Donald accused Ndii of hiring social media influencers to troll him and cheer David Ndii as he engaged on name calling.

In a series of tweets, Donald Kipkorir, accused David Ndii of harbouring alot of hate to people who come from big families. He also accused him of holding the perception that as a son of Mau Mau he deserves more than the rest.

“David Ndii has repressed anger. His angst against Big Familiesin Kenya is because he thinks that as a child of Mau Mau parents, he should be owning Kenya. That he can’t engage in Public Debate but instead hires Troll Farm to unleash BoTs shows a man with deep seated insecurities”, tweeted Donald Kipkorir.

In another tweet, Donald Kipkorir, refered to Ndii as a fraudster who depends on hired online BOTs to troll other people.

“… Genuine Intellectuals defend their positions without defaulting to name calling … We leave name calling to charlatans & prostitutes & a deranged mob bashing for blood. Ndii’s conduct to hire a mob shows he is a Fraudster”, twitted Donald.

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