Netizens now want Jalang’o to stop taking photos with Kamene Goro for the sake of his marriage

Media personality, Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o, who is not so new to controversy has now come under fire over his photo poses with his colleague, Kamene Goro.

Jalas, who recently married his love of life Amina Chao, has been posting photos after every breakfast show with co-host Kamene Goro, some which are of provocative poses.

This has attracted mixed reactions from Netizens with a good number requesting him to desist from the habit for the sake of his marriage.

Jalas and Kamene

“Aki Bibi yako alipo jalas, Mungu azidi kumneemeshea neema zake. Aendelee kukuombea vile yy hufanya. Hapo kwa ndoa ni uvumilivu, amenishinda( I pray to God to strengthen your wife, she must be very strong)”, one fan commented on his photo with Kamene.

The fans accused the popular comedian of being insensitive of his wife’s feeling since he was a public figure and all his actions were public.

“Anyway jalas, is your wife alive or haukuwai oa mtoto wa mtu?let me hope you don’t have aki ju this is worse if ungekuwa na wife surely (if you indeed have a wife,you couldn’t be doing this)”, another fan lamented.

Kamene and Jalas

The feeling appears to cut across his fan base as majority feel he ought to go slow on the photos for the sake of his marriage. Jalang’o has in the past been through scandals that could have shaken his marriage and hence the fans feel he out to be careful.

Unlike his predecessor on the show, Andrew Kibe, who is known to be a bit reckless in his statement and public conduct, fans feel Jalang’o ought to act as a family man and desist from the provocative photo poses with the curvy radio beauty,Kamene.

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