Newest Kenyan Celebrity Couple on Screen.

The Riverwood film industry has been on a consistent rise over the past few years. The mushrooming growth of vernacular stations and video-on-demand platforms have provided fertile ground for filmmakers to produce their content given there is a ready market. The industry, like any other, has provided a chance for upcoming artists to showcase their talent. This is a great injection into the art world as it is always in need of fresh content and faces. This has been the case for the new onscreen couple ‘Makothe and Kagure’.

This brand new on-screen couple made their debut in 2018 with various stints and recently have featured prominently on a maize meal advertisement together. The two are a perfect combination that is relatable to most Kenyan couples. The wife, Kagure, is feisty and opinionated in most of the characters she portrays while Makothe, the husband plays the role of a cheeky but caring husband. They are also distinct in their acting as their speech is heavily accented with Embu-language effects which have also started to feature more prominently in the mainstream media.



The on-screen couple joins other acting legends such as Papa Shirandula’s Papa and Wilbroda and the long-running Mzee Ojwang and Mama Kayai. When you see one, it is impossible to imagine them without the other. In Hollywood and other film industries, these onscreen couples will usually end up being an iconic brand and usually go on top to be recognized as representing society as a whole. On-screen couples are widely accepted as they portray consistency and stability as the audience knows what to expect.

Fans of Makothe and Kagure will be looking forward to seeing what else these two will be up to. They are an on-screen couple to look forward to in 2020.


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