Paul Waiganjo laments the production of his songs’ covers without consent

Popular Gospel artist, Paul Waiganjo, has complained about the increased number of individual producing his song’s “covers” without his consent.

The “Ngai Mahinda moothe” hitmaker whose songs have traversed borders making him famous both inside and outside Kenya, has complained at a time when other artists have complained of tunes theft.

Waiganjo claimed that he does not have a problem with people doing his covers. He, however, has a problem with the level of disrespect in the people uploading his songs on YouTube in the name of covers.

The arguably best worshipper in the central region, said his songs do not come easily. He opined that he at times goes on fasting and prayers spree before he writes his songs.

Musician Paul Waiganjo

”I personally don’t get my songs that easy. I at times fast for days just to listen to the voice of God. Shooting a song of late is actually very expensive. The audio too. I sincerely don’t have a problem with a cover. But call me we agree I give you permission”, said Waiganjo

In matters of copyright relating to covers, artists intending to produce songs covers are advised to always get the owner of the song to get consent and if possible legally documented consent with a witness.

In recent days, there has been an increasing number of artists producing covers of hit songs. Unaware of most of them, they are required to notify the original song owner of their intention. The owner may grant or decline to allow the use of their songs.

Other artists, including witty comedian Muthee Kiengei and Shiro Ann, have complained of theft of their song tunes and melodies. Whereas there is no directory of song melodies and tunes, any serious producer should advise an artist against such a mistake.

Musicians willing to use melodies and tunes belonging to another artist can approach owners of the melody for documented permission.

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