Photos of brave brother who died trying to save drowning sister in Nyahururu

A brother’s love to his sister is immeasurable. This could not be more evident than it was with the late Victor Wachiuri of Gatundia Kiriti in Nyahururu.

According to Mzee Nyoro Nyutu, he heard a distress cry for help very early in the morning. The cry was so loud that he couldn’t ignore. The old Mzee sprinted off to the direction of the screams.

Nyoro joined a crowd who had gathered by a nearby earth dam in Kiriti area. The crowd watched helplessly as two members of one family lost their lives.

A brother was fighting the dirty waters totry and rescue his younger sister.

Faith Nduta, had accidentally drowned and her brother Victor Wachiuri was fighting against the raging water and sticky dirt to rescue her.

Mr. Nyoro, who is a trained diver, rescued the young lady who later passed on as she was being rushed to the hospital.

Victor wachiuri got stuck in the dense earth making it hard for the diver to help. He lost his life as he fought for his sister’s.

Mr. Nyoro decried the absence of such skills as diving in the community which come in handy during disasters and rescue operations.

He appeals to the government to help him train local talent to help save lives in the future.

“Two hands are better than one,” Mr. Nyoro said.

“Who knows how much of help an extra diver could have given?” he asked.

Mr. Nyoro has offered to train willing youth on these life saving skills.

Here are photos of Victor who selflessly offered his life to try save his sister’s life.

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