Policewoman who gives girls sanitary towels is now tailoring free masks to the community

Meet Ms Caroline Makena, a police constable who is the unsung heroine of Elgeiyo Marakwet.

Ms Makena is a special police officer. She is the only female police officer at Tot police station of Marakwet East Subcounty. Se has however cutt herself a niche a police office with a special kind of heart.

As a female police officer, she takes keen interest in rising cases of defilement, early marriages, teenage pregnancies, reproduction health and hygiene among teenagers in Elgeyo Marakwet. Such cases have been so rampant in the area, a possible reason why she decided to tske up the role of being a voice against such vices.

During her off duty hours, Ms. Makena engages in voluntary community service by visiting different schools near the station including Tot high school, Tot primary, Kapkaini and Kapkobil primary where she talks to students and pupils about reproductive health issues. Shes goes an extra mile and buys female students sanitary towels afew that she can afford.

Police constable Makena distributing Inner wears to schools| PHOTO COURTESY

Her efforts has seen a reduction of cases of early marriages and teenage pregnancies at her station and there has also been improved hygiene among the students and pupils.

In the wake of COVID-19 and schools having been closed, Ms. Makena makes use of her free time to tailor make face masks and issue them out for free to bodaboda riders, fellow police officers, reportees coming to the station and any other person in need of them. She is also teaching and encouraging women around her area to make and sell face masks to make a living out of it.

We celebrate Ms. Makena as a Woman in Security making a difference in her community service.

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