Popular Kikuyu Musician, Paul Waiganjo, admitted in the hospital

Kikuyu Gospel musician, Paul Waiganjo, is admitted in hospital. The talented worshiper disclosed in a live Facebook video while in hospital bed.

Waiganjo, who also doubles as a businessman in the real estate industry, stated that he had been hospitalized for a while and it has not been easy for him.

“Brethrens, I have been on this bed for some time now and I can tell you it hasn’t been easy for me”,said Waiganjo.

The musician cleared, however, that he was not sick with Coronavirus but was in a hospital where there were COVID-19 patients.

Gospel artist, Paul Waiganjo

“I can tell you for sure that I don’t have COVID-19. I am COVID-19 free. But across that wing, the Coronavirus patients are suffering “, said waiganjo.

The “Wi Ngai mahinda mothe” hitmaker stated that he was set to undergo a surgery on Thursday after having undergone another one on Wednesday.

“I was in the theatre today and I will be in the theatre again tomorrow. I request that you pray for me just like I pray for you”, the worshipper said.

Mkenya News has learned that the worshipper has been having some issues in the stomach that had forced him to seek medication. The doctors have advised that he has to undergo a series of surgeries.

“I have some issues in my stomach that need to be checked by doctors. I can assure you that I will be well. I have faith that I am not dying any soon, but I will live to proclaim the doings of the Lord “, said Waiganjo.

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