Popular musician denounces Christianity a few months after leaving hospital bed

Kikuyu benga musician Timothy Njuguna, popularly known as Mighty Salim, a younger brother to the late Mugithi star Salim Junior, has denounced christianity just a few months after he left the hospital bed. Mighty salim had been suffering from kidney failure which saw him travel to India for specialised treatment. 

In a Facebook post written in polished, indigenous Gikuyu, Salim states that for years while he was battling the disease, he was prayed for but did not get any better. 

He further states that he had been in darkness but has now found the light, admitting he was a staunch believer and a frontline member of the church. 

“In Kenyan constitution, everyone has the right of worship. The only issue is saying there is no God. I used to be a frontline member of the church youth before I knew the truth,” posted Salim.

Mighty Salim further claims that it was only when he visited the controversial cultural and heritage group ”Gwata ndai” that he found a new direction for his life. He was introduced to the true worship of the God of Kirinyaga and he reconciled with the ancestors (Ngomi).

“When I found out about “Gwata Ndai”, I went and met a seer there who cleansed me of the curses and all taboos. I paid off my debts with the ancestors and my blood sugar stabilized”, part of his post read.

Mighty Salim’s announcement of his new beliefs comes at a time when the “Gwata Ndai” group is under sharp criticism. Some members of the churches in Kiambu have accused the group of radicalizing youths and watering the ground for resurrection of the dreaded Mungiki sect.

The group is said to help solve puzzles and any mysterious occurrences especially diseases and deaths in families. Gwata Ndai operates in Kiambu, Ndumberi. Members meet at Hanna’s garden on Sundays every two weeks.

The group reportedly prohibits its members from going to church or participating in any Christian activities. Other controversial practices of members of the group include female circumcision. Members are forced to ensure their wives undergo the cut. 

Another Musician linked to the group is veteran Gospel musician, Muigai wa Njoroge 

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