Popular Radio presenter sues bloggers for defamation.

Kameme presenter-Muthee Kiengei
Kameme presenter, Muthee Kiengei Watoria – Photo courtesy

Popular morning breakfast show presenter at Mediamax has sued bloggers for defamation. The presenter, who is also a witty comedian made a formal complaint at Kiamumbi police station on Tuesday. This was after a series of posts aimed at tarnishing his name were shared on personal Facebook timelines and “AIPCA members group”.

Mr Gathungu famously known as Muthee Kiengei wa Watoria, Guka wa Nairobi, has been spearheading unity in the AIPCA church. He has been very focal on having the youths coming together and showing the church leadership the need for unity. As a way of bringing the members together, the presenter has organised a meeting dubbed ” fun day ” at the Sahara west hotel.

The church has been split in to two camps following leadership wrangles involving Archbishops, Wang’ombe and Njoroge.

Archbishop Wang'ombe- Photo courtesy
Archbishop Wang’ombe- Photo courtesy

The two functions have been seated by the president and the deputy president without any hope of reconciliation hopes. Archbishop Wang’ombe has the biggest following being a charismatic and controlling the populous Mt Kenya and Nairobi regions. Archbishop Njoroge on the other hand holds on being the dully elected leader of the church.

Archbishop Njoroge- Photo courtesy
Archbishop Njoroge- Photo courtesy

Bloggers opposed to a fun day organised by the presenter attacked the character of the presenter who is very active on the church followers Facebook page. Photos of the presenter with nasty captions were shared prompting him to file a complaint with the police.

It is not clear whether the accounts used to share the images are pseudo or of Facebook users opposed to the unity push agenda. Accompanying Mr Gathungu was the head of Archbishop Wang’ombe digital communication, Mr Eric Muriithi.

If the presenter will be in a position to bring the dividend church together, he will have achieved what very many have failed to do since the days of the founders of the AIPCA church Archbishops Kahihia and Mugecha.

Among the charges to be preferred on the bloggers are misuse of electronic gadgets and defamation. Separate charges will be preferred for posting photos of his wife without her consent.

Kameme morning show co-host, Muthee Kiengei – Photo courtesy
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