Popular TV presenter in trouble for leaking photos of a colleague and his new wife

Popular Kameme TV presenter, Wangechi wa Kariuki is now on the receiving end after leaking photos of colleague, Njogu wa Njoroge and musician, Mary Lincoln.

Wangechi who is also a co-host with Njogu in a morning show took to her Facebook page to break the News of the two lovers being a well matched couple. This, however, hasn’t rubbed Kenyans the right way.

In a Facebook post, where she addressed her followers in both English and Vernacular, Wangechi had sought to congratulate the new couple and wished them well.

“Njogu is a blessed man. And Jesus told everyone …David is a man after my own heart despite all his shortcomings riu wee wiu(who are you)?Mundu murathime (blessed one).Marylincon is one pure heart girl I have ever met”, part of her post read.

Njogu wa Njoroge and musician Mary Lincoln |Photo COURTESY

“Njogu mudu wa mine weguatira kindu nesa piu. Cira wa uiru utwariruo cibu ti haha (Njogu my buddy, you have got a good person. Any cases by jealous people should be taken to the chief not here) ,love wins,” posted Wangechi.

Kenyans have now turned tables on her and called her out for over celebrating the marriage of the two. Wangechi had followed her post with a series of posts which have since been deleted from her page.

“You seem very happy for her.These gospel singers. Ndugithie ugaikarage rungu rwa uriri wao. (Please go and be sleeping under their bed)”, one agitated follower fired a comment.

Wangechi wa Kariuki and co-host Njogu wa Njoroge during a morning show at Kameme TV

“I like your words but i suspect you are following the same path and thats why you are congratulating them…you said we mind our buz cause you already know what you are saying and doing isn’t right. Remember, God will punish the evil deeds and thoughts,,,He won’t stand with the unrighteous who are busy gaining from His name and busy ashaming Him”, another follower fired a point blank shot on the presenter.

Some of the netizens accused her of blowing the couples cover and courting people to her page with the story to get more subscribers.

“You want people to bring mehemehe (gossip) in your own page to get more subscribers??….let them live their life si they should be the one bringing out their story ala”

Presenters Njogu wa Njoroge and co-host Wangechi wa Kariuki |Photo COURTESY

Others have now termed her as a jealous colleague who is irritatingly obsessed with the couple. They read malice in her posts and suggested that the posts were directed to hurt someone else.

“Your speech sounds bitter and it’s like you are trying to kufeelisha the others before you. If I were you, i would have calmed down. And your language is too vulgar you shouldn’t have mixed it with a bible verse. Anyway life is a road with so many signs try to get your right direction perfectly,”said another person.

“Wangeci must be jealous of them. She is just trying to let go her jealousy on the social media. The way she even talk with Njogu on air tell it all,” another one added.

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