President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lookalike’s photos before COVID-19

Little known Michael Njogo was just an ordinary citizen few days ago. This has however not been the case since his photos in gym with his close friend found their way online.

The businessman in Eastlands of Nairobi, who goes by street name “Uhunye” is oftenly mistaken for the head state due to his striking semblance with president Uhuru Kenyatta.

In an interview with a local TV station, Njogo disclosed that has suffered due to his resemblance with the president. He opined that he is forced to part with hundreds of shillings per day to people who demand some “chai” from the street “head of state”.

Michael Njogo Gitonga | photo COURTESY

“I have suffered because of my looks. They even call me Uhunye. I can’t go more than 100 meters before someone shouts my name. I am forced to part with some money”, said Njogo.

A look at his past photos shows that he had his life together just before COVID-19 pandemic struck Kenya. Some of them show him inspecting some construction of residential buildings and business premises.

“To be honest, Corona has affected me very badly. I just pray that it ends”, said Njogo in reference to how the pandemic has affected his life.

The soft spoken man is now using free time by visiting the gym to keep fit and relieve himself off stresses brought by the global pandemic.

Here are some of his photos before COVID-19 struck the country. (PHOTOS COURTESY- Facebook)

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