Residents of Wanjohi ward in Nyandarua narrate how one man has conned almost everyone in the region

What started as a normal Facebook post by one Samuel Njuguna on his Facebook page became a confession platform for residents of Wanjohi Ward in Nyandarua county. Njuguna had sort to put the public on notice of one of his friends who had turned into conning people who are very well known to him.

The subject of the post, Gabzz Muchori, is reportedly one of the smartest cons whose knowledge in money extraction from people maneuvers is top-notch. The instances from the confession by his victims are both hilarious and evidence of a man who is unmatched in his craft.

Muchori, whose name translated to English means a master planer, is said to have a habit of texting his former school mates or village mates who are jobless. He later offers to secure jobs for them at a milk plant in Kahawa west in Nairobi county. Jobless ‘friends’ in the excitement of finally securing a job, are lured in coughing some amounts supposedly to get a health certificate before they can start working.

In one instance, he reportedly conned a lady 1,000 shillings leading to a case being forwarded to the area chief. Muchori denied ever seeing or receiving any money from the said lady. Instead, he claimed the lady could have confused him with his twin brother.

“😪😪 actually this a## conned me a thousand…kumpeleka kwa chief akadai ni twin brother yake….rot to hell” (he conned me one thousand when I took him to the chief, he claimed he was not the one. It was his twin brother), claimed one of the victims.

In another instance, he is said to have promised a classmate a job at Industrial area in Nairobi at a leading hair shop. He reportedly asked for 10,000 for a certificate that never came through. In the same period, a village mate coughed 14,000 to be connected for a job at the barracks canteen. The only requirement was 14,000 for a certificate before starting the juicy canteen job. Just like the rest, the victim never got the job or the certificate.

“Ngai ii ni too much alinicon 14,000 akanishw Kenyatta baracks kuna job ya kuuza canteen aki akanifanya nikanunua vitu za kwenda interview matress 6*6 sheets all that achukuliwe hatua aki”,(he conned me 14,000 after promising me a canteen Job at the Kenyatta barracks. He made me buy personal effects for the interview and a matres. He should be dealt with), narrated another victim.

in a daring move, Muchori even conned his former high school principal a total of 64,000. He reportedly had not cleared his school fees together with his twin brother and therefore his certificate had been withheld. He approached the principal with a story that his brother had secured a prime job at the military and was expecting a starting salary of 600,000. He would, therefore, be in a position to clear the 54,000 arrears and give the principal a token of appreciation in one month’s time.

convinced, the principal released the certificates. Before Muchori could leave the office he had managed to convince the principal to lend him an extra 10,000 that would also be returned in a month’s time. Well, Just like the rest, the principal is also counting his losses.

In more than one hundred different confessions, Muchori could have managed to con Wanjohi residents close to half a million shillings. Most of his victims were conned or escaped being conned between 1,000 and 50,000 shillings. All this in the guise of connecting them to jobs or using catchy life situations to borrow money from unsuspecting village mates.

In what could turn to a criminal offense, Muchori is further said to issue bad cheques during functions. According to one of the confession, Muchori appears with a checkbook in fundraisers and other gatherings and draws cheques of huge amount only for them to bounce when presented for cashing at the bank.

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