Revealed: Why Hussein Mohamed left Citizen TV and his whereabouts.

Details have now emerged about veteran TV host and journalist, Hussein Mohamed’s whereabouts just one year after he left Citizen TV.

Hussein who is famed for his unmatched interviewing skills during his time at the Royal media services, left the station on Tuesday 30th October 2019.

According to insiders, the calm but firm Journalist was caught between two camps who were competing to take control of the station. The two camps included the “old” and “new” journalists.

The newcomers included management entrants, Linus Kaikai and Joe Ageyo. Others included Victoria Rubadiri, Jeff Koinange, Trevor Ombija, Yvonne Okwara and a horde of journalists who joined the station in 2018 and 2019.

On the other side, the old team was compromised of Hussein Mohamed, Lilian Muli, Francis Gachuri, Wahiga Mwaura, Jackie Maribe etc .

Ex-Citizen TV News anchor, Hussein Mohamed

The simmering cold blood between the two camps was as a result of the new team being elevated as the dream team rather than a complimenting force to the old team. According to sources, the “dream team” comprising the new personalities, was earning almost double perks compared to their folks.

This is said to have left bad taste in the mouths of the old journalist who believed they are behind the success of the station and the new team could only compliment their efforts.

Though it is not clear if this is the reason the celebrated Journalist left the station, Mkenya News has learnt that since the new team arrived, Hussein’s atmosphere at the station changed.

A source intimated that there was clear tension between him and his new bosses. The source described his body language since the dream team arrived as “unmistakable”. He was uncomfortable.

Hussein Mohammed |Photo courtesy

After his departure, things have never been the same with other members of the old team also pulling including Dorcas Wangira and Saida Swaleh.

Currently, Hussein is running a communications consulting firm in a project with United States Government. The program is being funded by the US government through USAID.

According to his friend and former journalist Yussuf Ibrahim the two are running the Resilience Learning Activity (RLA), individually as consultants.

“We have a partnership but it is not on paper. It happened we got this project as individual personalities but he has his own firm and I have my own company”, Ibrahim told a local media.

He further disclosed that the project is currently aimed at educating county government officials on communication skills and information dissemination. According to Yusuf, they targeting nine counties among them Garissa, Isiolo, Marsabit, Wajir, Makueni, Taita Taveta and Kitui.

“RLA is funded by USAID. The programme will last for five years but the communication bit may continue for four months with a possibility of spilling over to next year”, said Yussuf.

He further disclosed that Hussein, who left Citizen after a 10 year stint, is currently not engaged elsewhere other than in the project.

“This is the only place we are working for at the moment. We are going to work together in future that will culminate into a one stop communication shop,” he added.

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