Revealed:The amount of money Samidoh will lose due to coronavirus disruption

With coronavirus cases increasing in Kenya, the government is expected to put more stringent measures to control the spread of the virus in Kenya. The government has already given guidelines on human behavior during this period. Some of those guidelines include social distancing, not shaking hands between individuals, regular washing of hands with soap and running water or use of sanitizers. Also, Kenyans have been advised to avoid touching their faces, eyes, noses and mouths with their hands as much as possible.

The government has further banned any form of social gatherings. For instance, weddings, parties and such social events have been banned until further notice. In case they are to be conducted, the government has limited the number of participants and set guidelines on how they should be conducted. Burials are to be only attended by close members of the family with the number limited to fifteen individuals.

Areas where social gatherings are known to take places have also been ordered to close down. These include churches, clubs and hotels only limited to operating on a take-away basis.

With social gatherings banned, the music industry has taken a heavy blow. Musicians performing in clubs usually at night have also been rendered out of service until the government lifts the ban. Most clubs usually have revelers over the weekend in large numbers. It is a common phenomenon to have almost all famous club having a live band performing for the revelers.

The bands, usually attract large crowds of people and increasing the sales of products for the clubs especially drinks and Nyama choma. Revelers, in addition to the money they will spend on the drinks and foods, pay a certain amount for the performances by the bands. It is not so hard to tell where a certain musician will be performing on a certain. With banners and stickers painting different posts and building, one is well guided on where a certain band will be performing.

Musician Samidoh entertaining a full house of revelers|FACEBOOK PHOTO

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Mkenya News has established that a full band earns between 50,000 to 100,000 for every performance in a club. This amount however varies depending on the ability of the band or the lead musician to pull a crowd. In case of a solo performance, one man guitarists earn between 5,000 to 20,000 in one one night for performance made to revelers.

One artist who is known to rule the club and outdoor performance is Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh. It is not hard to tell where he will be performing, at what time and which day. His Facebook page is well updated with banners on upcoming events. His fame allows him to pull huge crowds any time he appears for a performance. Samidoh can run up to five shows in one week with all of them full of crowds yearning for his electrifying performances.

Musician Samidoh performing for revelers |FACEBOOK PHOTO

With such gatherings banned, Samidoh has not been doing shows for the past one week. He is expected not conduct further performances attracting crowds until the ban on social gatherings will be lifted by the government. This means he will have to forego huge amounts of money he would have made from his well attended events. This is expected to run into millions if the coronavirus persists for more than three months.

Mkenya News can not authoritatively quote the amount the musician earns per performance. But 50,000 to 150,000 is a fair figure. He is able to do up to five shows in a week meaning he can make up to 2 million in one month. The cool and humble cop has done shows in diaspora and is has several lined up overseas. If the coronavirus situation in Kenya Persists, however, Samidoh will be forced to cancel his shows until the situation stabilizes.

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