Ruth Matete was violent to husband, stabbed and tried to kill him twice- Beloved John’s manager speaks out

Gospel artiste and Tusker Project Fame 5 winner, Ruth Matete, lost her Nigerian husband on Saturday, just after five months into their new marriage. Her husband, John Apewajoye alias Beloved John, died while undergoing treatment for burns at a Nairobi based hospital.

According to Matete’s father, actor Abel Amunga, John was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago after sustaining injuries from a gas fire incident.

However, Jessy Mc Jessy,manager to the late John Apewajoye has come out to deconstruct the explanation by Ruth Matete on the cause of John’s death.

According to Jessy, when the accident happened he communicated to to Ruth on texts since she declined to pick his calls. Ruth, according to Jessy, didn’t like the idea that he had learned of the incident and only said everything was okay.

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“When the family friend told me of the incident, I tried calling Ruth and she could pick up my calls. I texted her and asked her what had happened to John. She just told me everything is okay. When I told her a friend had told me, she just asked me ‘who told you?’. When i told her the name, she just sent me a thumbs up sign”, said Jessy attaching a screenshot of the conversation.

Jessy says that she confirmed from the friend that only the two were in the house during the incident. He further painted a picture of the couples marriage as one which was full of violence and frequent misunderstanding. He pointed more than two instances that the couple had fought in a violent way.

“Ruth was very violent to John. And Ruth, you can look me into the eyes and say if am telling a lie. You have stubbed John not ones, not twice. The first time i came to know about the stubbing issue was during my visit to their Greatwall estate in Athi River. Ruth, you stabbed him. You almost killed him. I was there recording everything” said Jessy attaching two audios recordings.

Jessy admits that he had a disagreement with his boss John over some non-payment of services he provided during the couple’s wedding. This he says does not mean he stopped being friends with the family.

He further challenged the mental health of the celebrated gospel artiste alluding that she had a psychological issues which had put her in and out of rehab.

“John wanted to come to Nigeria and see his son and daughter. But Ruth was very upset. She is only interested about her image in public. At some point she was in out of rehab. Ruth is wasted, and his father, Mr Amunga is well aware of this. She looks as she can’t harm a fly but…oh my God” said Jessy.

When Ruth reported the incident to John’s elder brother, She lied that he was admitted to the hospital over an appendix issues. Only when the issue became serious that she disclosed that John was taken ill over a gas accident.

In a damning revelation Jessy claims that Ruth had told him to tell John to go back to Nigeria or she will do something to her and it will look like an accident.

“Ruth, you told me , Tell your brother to go back to Nigeria. When you guys had a fight when i was in Kenya. You said you were done with the marriage. If he does not go it will look like an accident. I guess this is the accident you were talking about” said Jessy.

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