“Si afadhali angenyonga tu”, Kenyans react to Bishop Deya’s justification for cheating on his wife

Controversial Bishop Gilbert Deya has confessed to cheating on his wife while he was in England. Kenyans, however, have poked holes into his justification for his act which is not in tandem with doctrine his preaches.

During his Evangelism period in England, his wife was battling court cases over allegations of running baby theft syndicate.

Deya, in an interview with the Standard Digital, claimed that he could not stay without conjugal care while his wife was back in Kenya. He, therefore, got another lady to avoid the disease which is widely associated with sex deprivation.

“When I was in England for 15 years, as a human being, I could not stay without a woman because that could give me prostate cancer,” said Deya.

Responding to the widely viewed video and shared article on the same, most of the netizens felt the man of cloth ought to have exercised chastity as opposed to looking for a mistress in a bid to keep prostate cancer at bay.

“That means you don’t believe in God because you could have waited and trust God you’re not a good example”, one of the netizens commented.

“If you as a bishop this is your reasoning, what about those who are not saved? anyway, I don’t point fingers to men of God but please,” another one responded to the Bishop’s point.

Bishop Deya and his wife| Photo Courtesy

Others, however, felt the Bishop was right and acted like a normal human being. Though not supporting his actions, they felt Deya was pressed by circumstances and reacted just like a mortal person.

“The bigger question is, why is this news?. Nobody should stay for 15yrs without sex. And nobody needs to explain their sex life”, wrote one of the fans that responded to the post.

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