Staying healthy At the Comfort of your Desk.


It is a well-known fact that eating right, exercising and reducing one’s stress levels is a sure way to avoid most lifestyle diseases facing us today. However, with the busy work life most of us have to keep to earn a living, one is left wondering how to do this and still maintain a good health regime. Given that most of these lifestyle solutions advertised seem to be expensive and out of reach for the ordinary medium class person, it is easy to see how one may shy away from paying them too much attention. Today we will demystify healthy living and show you how you can stay healthy especially for the working class person who is confined to a desk job for nine hours a day.

You can stay healthy at the comfort of your desk by being keen on what you eat. Often you may fall into the trap of wanting to reach for greasy and salty junk food and sugary carbonated drinks because they are readily available. While you may indulge in these foods, it is important to do so in moderation and try weaning yourself gradually. Eventually, you will be able to put them out of your diet completely and having perhaps one cheat day a week. Instead, replace your snacks with fruits and nuts. There are many varieties in this food group, therefore, monotony will not be a problem. Feel free to mix them up and come up with a fun recipe every time. Juice can also be consumed as juice or as an addition to yogurt which is also a healthy option. And for full meals, pick a food that is high in protein and with vegetables which you can combine into a salad or layer up into a sandwich. Lastly, do not skimp on your water intake, hydration is very important to keep all your body cells alive and regenerative.


The second way you can stay healthy at your workplace is by taking intentional and useful breaks. This will help maintain your concentration which in turn increases your output and decreases fatigue overall. This can be done simply by getting up and taking a short walk. You could also do a few simple stretches that help the blood flow. There are many full body stretches that you can do without pulling too much attention to yourself. Also, if you work in front of a computer most of the day, take a moment to take care of your hands, eyes, and back. Simply turning off the screen for five minutes, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths will reduce optical nerve damage. Rotate your wrist and pull at your fingers every few minutes to prevent them from sticking in one position and getting cramps.

Lastly, as you work, listen to inspirational podcasts or music. You may not be consciously taking out in but the mind is listening. This will keep you in a good working tempo, mood and mental energy to sustain you throughout the day. It may also be helpful in that you may learn new tips about life without having to read a book. In this way, you take the pressure off and overall increase your chances of better physical and mental health.

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