Stop celebrating Brenda’s recovery, Keyans have bigger challenges than recovering from a “flu”- Miguna Miguna

Controversial lawyer and former gubernatorial candidate for Nairobi county has taken on the now confirmed negative case of patient number one in Kenya.

Ms Brenda cherotich and another patient who had contracted the virus from her (Brian) were confirmed to have fully recovered on Tuesday morning. They later held a meeting with president Uhuru Kenyatta on camera.

Miguna Miguna has, however, rubbished the attantion being given to the two cases terming them as small compared to the challenges other Kenyans go through.

Miguna Miguna claims there are millions of Kenyans going through poverty and they conquer more heavier adversities than an illness every day.

“Fellow Kenyans: The so-called “Patient 0” or #COVIDー19 “survivors” in Kenya are not heroes or heroines. Recovering from a flu is not a landmark conquest. We have millions of poor Kenyans CONQUERING heavier adversities and illnesses every day. Stop faddism! #uhurumustgo”, tweeted Miguna Miguna

Miguna Miguna is known not to mince his words when speaking his mind. This has put him in controversy and is one of his reason for his exile in Canada. Miguna Miguna has been in exile since his participation in the illegal swearing in of Raila Odinga as the people’s president.

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