The government has failed in fighting locusts, it’s now my turn-Pastor Ng’ang’a

Controversial Televangelist Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a has declared war on locusts that have been invading most parts of Kenya and Africa.

Speaking during Friday overnight prayers, Ng’ang’a said that the Government had failed in fighting the locusts and he felt the conviction that it is now his time to intervene.

Ng’ang’a said that his church motto is “God can do what no man can do”. He therefore believed that God had made the government to fail so that he can reveal his might through him.

Though he didn’t give the skills he is going to use to finish the insects, Ng’ang’a assured the congregants that the locusts will go and never to be heard again.

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He, however, emphasized on the need for Kenyans to repent.

“When you see such things happening, you need to pray. Locusts of this nature were only heard of during the days of the bible. They were God’s army to punish his people when the erred. We must repent and go back to the ways of the teaching of God” said Ng’ang’a.

This adds to his baskets of promises in 2020. Earlier, the self-declared General commander promised to deal with ineffective and corrupt public servants. Ng’ang’a had promised to be firing them one by one using his spiritual mandate.

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