The stone that Nyeri people rejected has become the cornerstone of the nation-Opinion

In 2017, Nyeri county electorates were subjected to a test of chosing between technocrats for the post of Governor. Among the contestants was the now cabinet Secretary for Health, Mutahi Kagwe, the former senator for Nyeri.

Kagwe, an MBA holder, was in race with a battery of technocrats including the Vision 2030 crafter and marketing guru Dr. Wahome gakuru. Others in the race included Dr Thuo Mathenge and Ambassador Samuel Wamaathai.

Mutahi Kagwe poster for 2017 elections |PHOTO COURTESY

In a county where Mathira is seen to control the wave of vote, Kagwe was seen as frontrunner in the race for Governorship. His closeness with the president gave him advantage over the rest. Kagwe was also seen to have learned alot from his stint as a minister in the Kibaki’s government.

The announcement of the late Governor Ndiritu Gachagua’s running mate, Ambassador Wamathai who ran the remainder of the Governor’s term after his demise, that he was going to vie to retain the seat split the votes for Mutahi Kagwe hence losing at the nominations.

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The seat would later be won by Dr Wahome Gakuru who passed away an year later after being involved in a grisly road accident.

Kagwe stayed outside the political circles until in 2020 when president Uhuru Kenyatta appointed him as the health CS in his cabinet reshuffle. Kagwe was appointed at a time when the country was preparing to deal with Coronavirus which by then was an ‘overseas disease’.

It is his handling of the health docket at this time the country is fighting Coronavirus that has caused alot of admiration for him from different quarters. In fact, most Kenyans can barely tell whi was his predecessor.

On Sunday morning, Kenyans woke to the news that Kagwe had earned recognition from a Newyork Newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, for his heroic leadership in steering the country in the fight against Coronavirus. The paper described him as a calm and convincing leader who has managed to inspire hope to Kenyans.

Kagwe appears to be accepted by all quarters including the political class. Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr described Mutahi Kagwe as a “breath of life” during this time the country would have, otherwise, sank into hopelessness. He has continually inspired hope to Kenyans that they shall win over Coronavirus.

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