There was a plot to assassinate Ruto in Murang’a-Moses Kuria

Controversial member of parliament, Moses Kuria, has claimed that there was a plan to assassinate the deputy president William Ruto during a meeting in Murang’a.

According to Moses Kuria, Murang’a county Governor, Mwangi wa Iria was sent to interrupt the meeting to cause a commotion.

The commotion, according to Kuria, was supposed to escalate to an uncontrollable meere creating a condusive environment for assassins to execute their order.

Taking to his social media accounts, Moses kuria likened William Ruto to J.F Keneddy who was to be executed on Friday by mercenaries.

“It is my considered view after reflecting on what happened at Kinyoho Secondary School in Kandara that Mwangi wa Iria was not acting alone. He was to create a situation that would have precipitated into something very nasty.

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“The big question is: We know the John F Kennedy was to be William Ruto. Who was to be Lee Harvey Oswald? Who had sent both Governor Wa Iria and the unknown Lee Harvey Oswald ? Lord hear us” wrote Moses Kuria.

The meeting which was supposed to be a Thanksgiving and presentation of a school bus to Kinyoho secondary school turned chaotic when Mwangi wa Iria stormed the meeting.

The Governor claimed to be angered by Moses Kurias speech in a different meeting while at Murang’a.  According Mwangi wa Iria, Moses Kuria was inciting the public against his new policies guiding avocado trade in Murang’a.

His entry caused a commotion leading to several people sustaining serious injuries.  Among those injured is a nominated MCA from Nyeri who had accompanied the governor.

During a burial service of the late sergeant Anorld Kenei, deputy president William Ruto intimated a possible plan to eliminate him. He urged the DCI to deal with those planning to execute him.

“I know they have planned many things for me. They might have the system, but we have. Unless they kill me, I am not going to stop or backtrack ” said the Deputy president.

He also claimed that DCI was reluctant to deal with those working towards his downfall. He claimed some had openly claimed that he won’t be alive by 2022 yet they were still walking freely.

In a tweet by the deputy president, he claimed that his competitors were using the DCI to protect and execute their evil plan.


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