This man, Maina Kageni!! The untold story.

Maina Kageni is Kenya’s leading radio personality. A strong Red devil fan and lover of football, the man is currently a Breakfast Show presenter with Mwalimu King’ang’i on Nairobi’s Classic 105 Radio Station.

He was born on 29 June 1974.Went to Westlands Primary School, then high school education at Laiser Hill Academy.

He was sent to the United Kingdom to further his academics. However, he decided, unknowingly to his family, not to pursue a college degree. Instead, the man went on to find different jobs including one with a Chinese firm in which he was a driver, and it was when his mother went for his graduation that she realized that her son hadn’t even gone to school.

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Even though, she would rather have him remain in the UK than return home, Kageni got back to Kenya and landed a job with Radio Africa. That was how he was able to rise to where he is today.

Maina Kageni rose from the ranks and established himself as an entertainment guru uniquely possessing the ability to charm the ladies with his sensitive approach to gender issues. He is also widely known for sharing relationship tips with his male counterparts.

He takes home roughly KSh2 million a month, a colossal amount by any given standard, Maina is a shrewd business man with global investments worldwide, real estate in Kenya and overseas in big cities like Miami, Florida and Lagos, worth millions of shillings.

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He is currently single and yet to marry. The Manchester united fan loves to spoil himself to the best of German machines and his list of flashy cars validates his obsession with big boy toys; BMW X6, Jaguar XF, Mercedes, Specially customized (Manchester United) Chevrolet. He is 45 years old!

Maina Kageni’s residence falls nothing short of his personality with the radio host boasting a stunning multi-million house situated in the serene leafy suburbs of Karen. Mystery enshrouds Maina’s personal life with some people claiming that Maina Kageni is gay.

In 2015, he posted a picture of himself and a woman with two kids on social media, and because of that, a lot of people quickly assumed that the woman was his wife, while the kids were his children.

The only thing that is revealed about his relationship is that he once dated a lady called Ann, and she was his first lover. Cold Fanta orange was his first drink. His best friend is Shaffie Weru.

Source: Zinduka Kenya

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