“To allow men stay at home, I have temporarily lifted ban on men watching Maria programme”- Mzee Kibor

The national men’s chairman, Mzee Jackson Kibor, has thrown his support on they government directive on people to stay at home. Kibor has further, agreed with the government in the curfew taking effect on Friday 7.00 PM.

According to the very witty chairman, this will allow people to stay indoors at night and not gather in social joints at night. This will help reduce human activities and interaction which would alternatively lead to spread of COVID-19 virus.

Speaking in Eldoret, Mzee Kibor told Mkenya News that he had learned of the disease from his grandchild who is a doctor at Wales Medical centre who has been briefing him on how the disease is transmitted and can be cotrolled.

Mzee Kibor told Mkenya News correspondent that he was aware that men were not comfortable with the government directive requesting them to stay at home. He requested for cooperation and understanding since it was just for a while.

“I am requesting men to understand that the directives given by government are for the good of the country. It is for a short while”, said Mzee Kibor.

During the 2020 mens conference,Mzee Kibor had indicated that it was wrong for men to fight for a TV remote control with their women and children while watching soup operas.

He had therefore advised men to avoid watching such programmes and instead learn to join other men for a drink while watching football or wrestling. This was agreed upon by all attendants with exemption of a few delegates from Kilome.

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With the new developments, Mzee said he had temporarily lifted the ban on such programmes fo allow men to stay home with their families during the curfew hours. This he said will help men not feel out of place when the rest of the family is watching soup operas.

“It is not good for men to be playing phone games when the wife and children are watching Maria. I have temporarily lifted the ban to make men feel part of family during this period “, emphasised Mzee Kibor

The chairman however warned against addiction to the programme during this period. He advised men to maintain a moderate way of viewship and avoid discussing the episodes like ‘women’.

The ban on carrying water bottles however, was not lifted since he argued it would aid in the spread of the virus. In an unmatched knowledge of COVID-19 facts, Mzee said not many people will sanitize their water bottles after every gulp. He advised men to avoid the bottles as much as possible.

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