Uhuru Kenyatta should resign for putting Kenyans lives at risk through Coronavirus-Mp Kimani Ngunjiri

Controversial Bahati Mp has challenged the president to resign due to what he called putting Kenyans lives at risk. The Mp claimed that president Uhuru Kenyatta was not serious in protecting the citizens from the disease.

This comes a day after a plane full of Chinese Nationals landed into the country. All the 239 passengers were cleared for the disease and requested to self-quarantine themselves for 14 days.

This has caused uproar from many quarters. The Ministry of foreign affairs supported the move saying. Cs Amimo appearing before the parliamentary committee said that Kenya had taken necessary measures in preventing the entry of the disease into the country.

On the Kenyans held in Wuyan, China, the CS said Kenya was kot going to evacuate them.she further started that no any other country has conducted similar evacuations hence Kenya would not be an exemption.

It could be such responses that could have angered the Bahati constituency legislator. The Mp claimed that it was wrong for president to continue acting as if nothing is happening while there a disaster in waiting.

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“If I were Uhuru Kenyatta, I would have fired Ruto long time ago”~ Anne Waiguru

“We cannot be singing BBI every day while death is slowly creeping closer to our country. Coronavirus is now in Nigeria. You think Kenya has a immunity to Coronavirus. We must be serious with Kenyans lives” said Kimani

Similar sentiments have been expressed accross the country. Kenyans are calling the president to stop any further BBI meetings until the Locusts scourge and Coronavirus have been effectively repulsed.

Kimani Ngunjiri has never shied away from speaking his mind especially in matters of politics. His sentiments have ,however, in most instances caused him trouble.

He has in the past been in the wrong books with the president. Recently, the president while addressing Nakuru residents expressed his anger over the Mp’s continued attacks on him. He accused the MP of continually ranting instead of working for his people.

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