University of Nairobi student attacked by security guards

A student only identified as Kelvin Omondi was reportedly assaulted by security guards manning the College of Architecture Gate B. According to a statement released to the public by the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) president Ms. Ann Mvurya, the victim was a continuing student under the registration no D33/83354/2017.

The giant students Organisation boss further accused the guards of stealing a total amount of Ksh 3,200 from the victim and stripped him off his clothes. The University of Nairobi students who are known to be liberal and top brains are expected to produce students ID cards before being allowed into the school premises. An alternative is usually to produce a national ID or logging into the students portal as a proof of being a student.

According to Ms Mvurya, Omondi didn’t have the physical school ID but went ahead to log in to the student portal on his phone in an attempt to access the school facility as procedures dictate. However, the security guards attached to the Lavington Security Services Company, couldn’t understand how the portal works. They went ahead and violently denied the student entry and attacked him with crude weapons.

Images of the attacked student- Photo Credits, Ann Mvurya.

Here is the council’s full statement condemning the attack.

”Yesternight a student by the name Kelvin Omondi reg no D33/83354/2017 was assaulted and almost killed by Lavington security guards at the college of Architecture Gate B just because of not having student ID.Kelvin had already logged in to his portal to confirm that he is indeed a student but the ignorant security guards after failing to understand how a portal operates , they immediately started beating the comrade with crude objects on the head till he was unconscious. The criminals masquerading as security went further by stealing from the comrade a total of Ksh 3200 and stripping his clothes to try and cover up their heinous act .Kelvin has sustained deep head cuts and s currently undergoing medical treatment at the University Health Services (UHS) Am calling upon comrades of good will to join me in a quest for justice to one of our comrades .The goonship behavior exhibited by the security is uncalled for and MUST be brought to an end.
#Justice for Kelvin”

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