Why I walked out after only 59 days in the marriage-Inooro TV’s Winrose Wangui.

Talented Inooro TV presenter Winrose Wangui has one breathtaking story about her marriage that would make one question the stability of celebrities’ marriages.

The beautiful News anchor revealed in an interview that she only stayed in her marriage for two months before calling it quits, packed her bags and left never to look back.

The gospel singer said her ex-husband bagged a better wife when the two went their separate ways. According to her, their unio was always troubled and it was doomed to implode from the beginning.

News anchor, Winrose Wangui

Apparently, even when they were making plans for their big event, they had issues and disagreements. They would later wed in a widely publicized wedding ceremony that was attended by most of media personalities and musicians.

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Even though Wangui and her man tried to sit and talk things out, it was just hard to come to an understanding. By the time the presenter and her man were calling it quits, she had just learnt she was expecting a baby and had to spend the following nine months alone.

The TV anchor also said her bitter breakup had her isolated and dejected to a point she felt like life was a heavy load lying on her shoulders. After a tumultuous two months, the single mum craved peace and chose to cater for herself.

“I wanted to hold my child in my arms and experience some peace while at it. I did not want any commotion from the outside world and chose to sleep in a private ward,” the scribe said.

Gospel artist and News anchor, Winrose Wangui

When she was required to undergo a C-section, Wangui signed her consent forms by herself and checked into a private ward. Only the musician’s mum was slotted as an emergency contact.

From her detailed confession, the mother of one hinted her hubby did not waste time after the two were divorced.

According to the journalist, her child and her ex’s kid are not too far apart in terms of age. Now, the mother of one insists marriage can only work if God is involved.

Wangui and her estranged partner Reuben walked down the aisle in April 2017.

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