William Ruto is like an unfaithful spouse, he has had a fallout with everyone he works with since 1992.

William Ruto had a serious bitter FALL OUT with Jirongo after working with Jirongo to bribe the country and disenfranchise Kenyan families through their mercenary outfit called YK92. After working closely with Jirongo, they had a FALLOUT.

A bitter fallout left Jirongo extremely bitter almost 30yrs later. We dont know what Ruto did to Jirongo. But Jirongo has from time to time told us how Ruto killed a man using his bare hands, how he conned Jirongo by supplying him air.

Moving on, Ruto worked with Late President Moi. They had a bitter FALL OUT that left Moi hating him to the grave. I’m even told it took the intervention of Uhuru Kenyatta to allow William Ruto attend the funeral in Kabarak.

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William Ruto worked with Kibaki. They had a serious FALL OUT that saw him removed from government.

Ruto went on to work with Raila Odinga. They also had a bitter FALL OUT that left Raila hating him to date. They dont see eye to eye.

Most of those who have worked with William Ruto hate him to the core. Isaac Ruto, Alfred Keter etc etc. Even most of those who are elected and singing his tunes dont like him. But they wont tell you.

Then Ruto moved on to work with Uhuru Kenyatta, now THEY HAVE HAD one of the most monumental FALL OUTS. Am told their differences are irreconcilable as it involves family. You cant plan to eliminate me and i be happy with you.

CLEARLY, We know who is the problem. But Ruto’s supporters cant hear or see no evil! A cult in the making!

By Abraham Mutai

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