Without BBI and political rallies to attend, politicians have hibernated and gone mute- Opinion

It is unusually calm in Kenya with the politicians already having retreated to a safe haven at the wake of Coronavirus pandemic. It is uncharacteristic of Kenyan politicians to be as quiet as they are during this period.

Since the beginning of year 2020, Kenyans have been forced to choose a side between being pro-handshake or anti-handshake. The handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga split the country into two blocks.

The handshake proposed a bulding bridges Initiative that was aimed at uniting the country which has been dividing along political, tribal and historical lines. The BBI process has been largely been seen to be championed by the former prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The union between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta appears to have distablised the Jubilee party. The deputy president William Ruto is noticeably uncomfortable with Raila’s presence in the government. This discomfort brought about two functions; those perceived to be in support of the BBi and those perceived to be against.

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The two groups have been actively engaging each other in rallies and media. For the past five months there has been a lot of political shenanigans from both groups. The announcement of the Coronavirus pandemic presence in Kenya appears to have brought a ceasefire.

The politicians have been uncharacteristically quiet. They are not as vocal as they were before begging the question of whether they have been genuine in their course. Politicians who were printing t-shirts for almost every Citizen, cannot now help in buying face masks for the citizens.

Politicians were hopping around with choppers like locusts, none of them can volunteer their choppers for disinfection of places. Politicians who could ferry citizens to attend their rallies cannot donate foodstuffs to the citizenry at a time when a lockdown is looming.

What kenyans have seen are just photos of the said politicians enjoying the quarantine life at their homes. Probably, undisturbed that the citizens are living in fear of what to eat incase of a lockdown. Kenyans have been served with photos of politicians driving themselves around in the name of drivers working from home.

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