Woman gives “Mukimo” as offering in a Nakuru church

A woman in Thiririka AIPCA church surprised many by presenting Mukimo to the pastors as offering.

According to Simon Gathungu (Muthee Kiengei) the incident happened when he was preaching many years ago in Nakuru together with a colleague Deacon Ngere.

This was a flashback during his visit to the same church earlier this week.

The church, according to him, had only six members. On that day, no one put antlything in the offering box. They had absolutely nothing to take home as offering or tithes.

One elderly lady realised that the men of God had nothing to take home. She called her daughter and requested her to rush home and bring some Mukimo for the two preachers.

The comedian who doubles as a preacher at the AIPCA churches, did not however explain whether they took the mukimo home or they handled it at the spot.

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