You can’t market Raila in Central, we only know your brother Ruto- Pastor JJ lecturers Uhuru Kenyatta

Pastor JJ Gitahi of Royal priesthood church, Kahawa west and a radio co-host at Inooro Fm has lectured the head of state on his new found political ally Raila Odinga.

Speaking during the burial of the wife to veteran contemporary music artist, Muhiko Nebster, JJ told president Uhuru Kenyatta not to attempt marketing Raila in Central Kenya.

The comical and very witty preacher told the mourners that his church, who he speaks for, neither supports Raila or the BBI as fronted by Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

“My church,Priesthood, which I am the leader doesn’t support the BBI process. I want to say here during the day so that everyone can hear. We don’t support”, said Pastor Gitahi.

The preacher further stated that the only time central Kenya people will listen to the BBI talk is only if President Uhuru Kenyatta will appear together with Ruto during the talk.

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“The only time when we are going to listen to those BBI things is when he (Uhuru) comes with his brother Ruto”

“If he comes with Raila, he will have to explain to us at what point Raila became sane. In 2017, he told us that Raila was insane”, said JJ.

In a viral video, the Pastor told the mourners that he is afraid his sentiments against the BBI was cost him his church’s piece of plot. He said it has become a norm for any person who speaks ill of the BBI to be intimidated and harassed.

“I am not afraid of saying what I have said. I only request that you pray for me not to be harassed because of my sentiments. You know i might lose my church plot soon. I might hear that I have build my church on a grabbed land”, said Gitahi.

Gitahi insisted that there was need for the church to stand and speak against the BBI since it was dividing the country more than it was before the handshake.

He further stated that he and his followers are only aware of one pact which was made between president Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

“Sisi tunajua tu ile ya ‘yangu kumi na ya my brother William Kumi” Pastor Gitahi told mourners.

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