“You’ve come too much, concentrate on education first”, Rev Victor’s mentor, Lucy Wa Ngunjiri advices him on air

Two years ago, the youngest Reverend in Kenya, Victor Githu, announced on air that God had directed him to reknown radio pressnter and Evagelist, Lucy wa Ngunjiri, for guidance and mentorship.

The Sunday morning gospel radio show host agreed and promised to mentor him until he became a full established servant of God. She has given him opportunity to co-host the show severally to help him grow spiritually.

For the past months, Rev Victor Githu has been criticised online due to his endless interviews with the media. During his interviews, Githu has rubbed Kenyans the wrong way with his sentiments making him a subject of trolls.

There has also been widespread outcry by most people for Wa Ngunjiri to step up and give the boy direction as he was headed the wrong way.

This could be the reason why today he was invited by Wa Ngunjiri to his show. Githu appeared for the show accompanied by his mother as per the request of the host.

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“Two years back, you came here and said the you had been guided by spirit to me as your mentor. And I have been seeing things online and I decided to have a meeting with you and your mother live on air”, started the Evangelist before giving Githu a a minute to introduce himself.

During the show, Wa Ngunjiri asked the young Reverend to give education first priority as it only in that way he can spread Gospel. He further advised him to go slow on his media appearances as he wasn’t grown enough to handle trolls.

“People say alot of things online. The other day they said I am illuminati. They have also said things about you. But you can’t control them. Just avoid them” advised Wa Ngunjiri.

In an well detailed advise session, wa Ngunjiri constantly referred to him as his son. She requested him to abandon his know-it-all attitude as he had a long way to go.

The session which was streamed live on Facebook attracted tens of thousands of views. The show fans supported the advice given by Wa Ngunjiri to the young Reverend. Most of them pointed instances which the boy has staggered off the way of Gospel as a result of lack of counsel.

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